Cyber Extortion Grows By 78%

A recent article in the CFO Dive e-newsletter claims the “ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS)” business model lowers the entry barriers for cyber extortionists.   Palo Alto Networks says ransomware attacks “show no sign of slowing down.” Their report claims the cost of these attacks go beyond the cost of the ransom. Downtime, lost revenues, and reputational costs add to the pain. The report goes on to say that 58% of ransomware victims need more than a month to recover.

Ransomware Recovery with a Reboot

Raxco’s InstantRecovery is a software solution that restores the operating system (OS) and applications on any Windows platform in the time it takes to reboot. InstantRecovery can restore thousands of endpoints back to pre-attack condition in minutes saving time, expense, and reputations.

Workstations are often the point of entry for ransomware and then it spreads across the network. Erie County Medical Center was idled for weeks while they reimaged 6,000 endpoints after their attack. InstantRecovery could have restored exactly what was on each endpoint almost immediately.

Newer ransomware versions can lurk, undetected, on servers for months before executing. If you are relying on frequent server snapshots for system recovery, those snapshots will also be infected. InstantRecovery can provide an alternative recovery mechanism should the primary snapshots be compromised.

DHS designated InstantRecovery as “Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology” under the SAFETY Act. The US Navy and Marine Corps deployed InstantRecovery on over 14,000 system here and abroad. Lockheed Martin vetted the software and delivers it with its communication platform for first responders.

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