Kone Service Agreement

KONE professionals conduct a non-binding survey of your facilities to determine the most appropriate service program to improve the operation and reliability of your equipment. We then consult with your team to understand any unique circumstances or special needs so that we can develop a value-based offering that includes options for short- and long-term considerations to provide or improve the safety, reliability, performance and integrity protection of your equipment. Why should I consider kone for elevator services under this contract? Through this program, you get the following benefits: With a national team of dedicated vertical transportation professionals, KONE can help you with all your service, repair and modernization needs. KONE is a global provider of vertical transportation products and modernization services. KONE specializes in elevators, escalators, moving walks and ramps. They design, manufacture, install and provide modernization, maintenance and repair services. The job of KONE service technicians is to ensure that your elevators and escalators run smoothly and reliably. Buyer reserves the right, as an additional reservation and without limiting its other rights and remedies, to withhold an amount sufficient to: (a) defend, satisfy and settle any claim that Seller has failed to pay for labor, materials, equipment, taxes or other items or obligations provided or incurred in connection with the Goods; or damages the goods; (b) reimburse Buyer for all subsequent costs incurred as a result of seller`s act or omission under this Agreement; (c) to protect Buyer from the possible consequences of any other breach or omission by Seller; or (d) to secure Buyer in the event of a breach or default by Seller or its affiliates, parent companies and subsidiaries under any other agreement. Our core services include all basic maintenance activities of your equipment, including maintenance that you need to perform to comply with local legislation. Key elements include things like servicing your equipment, assisting with maintenance audits, and communicating passengers with KONE in the event of a breakdown or emergency. Seller must comply with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and all other applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, rules, and regulations. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws and remedies of the parties governed by the Illinois Uniform Commercial Code.

Repair and troubleshooting services cover situations such as unplanned repairs and breakdowns. You can determine service levels from a variety of options, including the number of annual deployments, the selection of components covered by your contract, and the level of repair cost coverage. We also offer various repair packages, including limited coverage for material and labor costs. KonE communication and interaction services include options for our KONE Care™ Online digital service. The basic tier includes access to device maintenance and performance data, while the highest tier allows you to create fully customizable reports on all maintenance-related activities. With the KONE mobile app, you can receive notifications for ongoing maintenance, view upcoming maintenance visits and make service requests. We also have service options for consulting and training. KONE Performance Services gives you the ability to tailor services and service levels exactly to your needs. These services include things like annual availability guarantees for your equipment, service times for our maintenance activities, response times for repairs and breakdowns, and availability of service technicians.

You can also set additional services you might need, such as equipment cleaning and concierge services .B. We now offer you a completely renewed maintenance service offering with more flexible options to choose from. If your equipment is not operational after checking the above points, call KONE customer service. How do I know that KONE can properly support all my different types of devices? KONE currently operates more than 140,000 units in North America. More than 60% of these units were originally manufactured by other companies. Elevators, escalators, PowerWalks, dumbwaiters, disabled elevators and wheelchair elevators are the main products maintained. KONE has a national technical support and training program for non-KONE devices. If there is a maintenance issue that prevents KONE from properly supporting a device, they will explain the circumstances and politely refuse. When this airport announced plans for a complete renovation, KONE`s cooperation agreement with OMNIA Partners was taken into account in order to achieve savings and efficiency gains. By working with KONE to determine the most appropriate method for purchasing products and services, the airport found a new way to negotiate, saving the administrative time and costs associated with the new contract limit.

Contact your local KONE sales team to learn more about the services tailored to your needs. 24. REMEDIES. If, at any time, Seller (a) fails to supply the materials, equipment and other items required by seller in sufficient quantity and quality to perform its obligations under this Agreement with the capacity, conformity, timeliness and care required herein; or (b) fails to perform or comply with any warranties, conditions, or other terms contained in this order, Buyer shall have all rights of an aggrieved buyer under the Illinois Uniform Commercial Code or any other applicable law. If buyer decides to cancel, Buyer shall keep all goods in its possession and affected by the cancellation at Seller`s own risk, which shall be disposed of in accordance with applicable law, and Seller shall refund all payments made as a result of the cancelled goods. The foregoing rights and remedies are cumulative and non-exclusive to the extent permitted by law. Any formal notice from the Buyer shall be deemed to have been lifted, unless the Buyer has received written notice within five (5) days of its occurrence. What happens if we have a unit that is removed or taken out of service, or if we have to sell a building and remove units from the contract? That is not a problem. We know that circumstances will change over the course of a contract and that units may be added or removed from the contract for reasons such as modernization, closure of buildings, decommissioning of units or units that are no longer in use. If necessary, we can also help you with the appropriate dismantling required by the code. This process can be performed using Figure 4. Our repair and troubleshooting service includes options for all possible situations: unplanned repairs, breakdowns and other malfunctions or shutdowns.

Email: OMNIAPartners@kone.com Phone: 800-956-5663 Fax: 630-955-3192 KONE STRATEGIC CONTACT I noticed that the agreement with the City of Kansas City contains specific MBE/WBE requirements. Do we have to impose similar requirements on my contract? No, this is specific to the agreement of the city of KC. It is for each authority to determine whether certain requirements such as MBE/WBE should be included in their agreement. How do I convert my current contract to a new Kansas City contract? Please contact KONE at the following address: With our flexible maintenance service offering, instead of opting for a single solution, you can choose from our wide range of services to create a customized maintenance plan that meets your individual needs. 33. MISCELLANEOUS. The headings in each of the provisions of these terms and conditions are for clarity only and should not be used in terms of content or interpretation. For the purposes of this Order and as used in Article 2-501 of the Unified Commercial Code, Goods ordered hereunder will be considered “identified with the Contract” as soon as (i) seller begins to manufacture all or part of this Order, or (ii) Seller`s purpose to use all or substantial part of the materials necessary for the execution of this Order. This Order, including all documents incorporated herein by reference, constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior negotiations, understandings and understandings with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement. .

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