Coming Soon — PerfectStorage: Automated Thin-Provisioned Space Reclamation

For the last several months, a segment of the Raxco Software development team has been working on a new storage management product initiative. This product’s functionality and scope evolved from discussions and meetings with leading storage vendors such as HP, Dell, Hitachi and others, as well as several of our enterprise and SMB customers.

This new product helps reclaim space for thin provisioned drives via zero fill and SCSI UNMAP. It’s an intelligent, automated storage management solution for these drives, whether in a physical or virtual environment. Key benefits include:

  • Maximize the benefits of over allocation on thin provisioned drives
  • Automatically reclaim free space using zero fill or SCSI UNMAP with minimal resource usage
  • Easily identify how much space is reclaimable
  • Replace SDelete and other command line tools to easily and automatically reclaim space in production environments

The product has built-in automated scheduling capabilities and reporting features that are not available in current market solutions.

In terms of SDelete, one of the big things that came about in our discussions with numerous businesses was their frustration with  SDelete, some to the point that they would not even run it or mess with it. The consensus seems to be that it is a cumbersome, slow, manual command line utility that also consumes many resources. In addition, you need to stop (and later start) all your services since SDelete consumes ALL your free space (and services might need some), making it almost unusable in a production environment. An SDelete alternative was seen as a very welcome piece of software.

This product will eliminate those limitations – it’s automated, doesn’t use all your free space, and can run regularly and automatically. It also provides similar automation for SCSI UNMAP.

And it is all centrally managed.

As the product now approaches release, I’m excite to reveal its name: PerfectStorage.

Automated Space Reclamation for Thin Provisioned Drives.

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