Remote Windows Administration — Can Your Solution Do This?

PerfectAdmin -- Remote Windows AdministrationWe released PerfectAdmin last week and the initial response has been fantastic. It’s a bit of a new category for us — while system administrators and helpdesk users often have PerfectDisk in their arsenal to help with a wide range of problems, PerfectAdmin is specifically geared toward helping remote users and helping those that help remote users and remote systems.

PerfectAdmin is actually 2 tools that can be purchased separately:

  • PerfectAdmin Remote Control lets Windows helpdesk administrators quickly and easily troubleshoot and resolve end-user issues without leaving their desks.
  • PerfectAdmin Remote Support is a more robust tool designed for system administrators, offering management capabilities on servers and PCs in your network and allowing systems administrators control over the entire domain.

So…why PerfectAdmin — what makes it special and different than other remote Windows administration tools?

What Really Sets PerfectAdmin Apart from the Competition?

PerfectAdmin Remote Control has the unique ability to remotely reboot servers, PCs and laptops. This is a huge time saver for helpdesk users assisting remote end users.

But the differentiation really shines through with PerfectAdmin Remote Support, which provides numerous exclusive features, including:

  • Saved Sessions lets you save sessions for various machines (different display windows) and open them up at a later time with a single click, saving valuable time. The display windows are opened automatically with real data.
  • Tools -> Nodes lets system administrators first select the tool they want to use and then apply that tool to a single computer or multiple computers. Performing a single action simultaneously on multiple computers rather than requiring repeated actions across multiple computers is another valuable time saver.
  • Vertical and horizontal filtering allows you to apply a filter to isolate Windows services configured for specific actions that also have a specific status. Only the rows that match the criteria are shown, providing a much better view into systems than is typically available.
  • Audit Browser to view all management actions, including details of who made the changes, what changes were made on which machines, and when those changes took place.
  • Assigning favorite hosts to easily create a list of nodes which are shown in your favorites lists.
  • Assigning labels to groups of nodes to help save time when working with a long list of machines by filtering old machines, VMs, or any other types of groups.
  • Using standard WMI on Windows Platform which means we will support new Windows versions very easily.
  • Exporting data to HTML, Word, Excel, email and text/Notepad gives you more options than any other solution and lets you do more with the information you have.

These exclusive features are just the tip of the iceberg for all that PerfectAdmin offers.

Remote Windows Administration — a smarter way.

Why not take it for a free spin and see for yourself?

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