Remote Administration — Exclusive Saved Sessions

PerfectAdmin -- Exclusive Saved Sessions One of the many cumbersome aspects of remote administration is the repetitive nature of many tasks. For example, there are typically specific remote systems that are on the system administrator’s eyes just about every day. Various services that need to be checked, events that need to be monitored (and resolved). The cumbersome part is setting up a view into those systems — it needs to be done every day.

A waste of valuable time.

There’s a better way. When sessions are set up for viewing and monitoring selected machines, it would be a productivity boon and save valuable time to save the sessions so they can be opened at a later time with a single click. Better still, the display windows would open automatically with real, up-to-the-second data. Saving and restoring sessions is a considerable advantage for any administrative tasks which you expect to perform more than once.

Exclusive Saved Sessions.

PerfectAdmin — coming later this month.

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