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One of the numerous challenges for a system administrator managing remote systems is performing a single task or requesting particular information for multiple remote systems. For something that needs to be done across multiple systems, significant time can be spent on repetition of these tasks, at the expense of doing other aspects of your job, including more proactive ones.

The list is long, but could include items such as:

  • Identifying systems that are running non-current Windows Versions/Service Packs
  • Identifying non-standard software installations or versions
  • Determining non-functioning devices/drivers
  • Pinging multiple systems to ensure that they are up and reachable
  • Identifying locked out or disabled local user accounts
  • Identifying services that should be running and are stopped
  • Checking event logs for errors

What Other Products Don’t Have: Tools->Nodes View

In a typical scenario, this is done laboriously, one system at a time. But with PerfectAdmin Remote Support’s exclusive Tools->Nodes View, all this and more can be done with just a few mouse clicks. PerfectAdmin Remote Support provides the option to first select the tool you want to use and then apply that tool to a single node or multiple nodes. Typical solutions only provide Nodes->Tools, and only on a single column, meaning you are first required to select a node before choosing a tool.

Only PerfectAdmin Remote Support lets you perform a single action on multiple nodes, rather than requiring that you repeat the same action across multiple nodes.

PerfectAdmin -- Remote Administration Exclusive Tool -- Tools->Nodes View

Your job can be further simplified by then using PerfectAdmin Remote Control to take over a remote computer for additional work, if necessary.

Windows remote management — a new way. For the help desk, and for system admins.

PerfectAdmin — coming in February.

PerfectAdmin Remote Support
PerfectAdmin Remote Control

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