PerfectAdmin — Remote Administration Made Easy — Coming in February

PerfectAdmin -- remote administration for system admins and help desk

Supporting thousands of end users spread around a campus, state, country or even the world — what a great challenge, opportunity and responsibility.

Of course, if you’re a system admin or work at a help desk supporting those users, it’s often — what a nightmare supporting them all. Depending on your organization, there could be thousands of end users and all their problems — password issues, server problems, application issues, printer problems, authorization questions — the list of problems, questions and surprises is seemingly endless.

And so is the list of tools and methods to take care of the users and their problems. Separate tools for managing Active Directory. Windows’ Event Viewer. Multiple consoles. All leading to unwanted aggravation.

That’s all about to change.

Introducing PerfectAdmin Remote Control and PerfectAdmin Remote Support.

Perfect for the help desk administrator, PerfectAdmin Remote Control lets you support your Windows end users near and far without leaving your desk. And PerfectAdmin Remote Support provides even more flexibility and control for system administrators. The PerfectAdmin tools let you manage servers, desktops, laptops and notebooks remotely so that you can much more quickly provide support for your end users. Complete Windows administration of your remote users from a single PerfectAdmin console.

The simplification of all the challenges and responsibilities of remote administration so help desk and system administrators can do their job faster, easier and better. What you ultimately want to do is provide great support and service to your end users. And PerfectAdmin lets you do that while increasing your productivity and reducing your costs, something every company and government organization in the world looks to achieve.

Windows remote administration -- simplified

  • Supports hundreds or thousands of end users without leaving your desk
  • Save time and increase productivity by performing Windows administrative tasks remotely
  • Troubleshoot problems remotely through a single console
  • Simplified and affordable pricing (licensed by help desk or admin — not by # of managed computers)

What can you do with PerfectAdmin? Tasks like:

  • Remotely reboot servers and notebooks
  • Start and stop Windows Services
  • Clear and view Windows Event Logs
  • Copy and delete files on remote computers
  • Manage Windows® Active Directory™
  • Take full control of the end-user’s desktop in one click
  • Chat with the end-user as you troubleshoot problems
  • Take screenshots of remote desktops
  • Automatically install agents as you need them.

If you work at a help desk or as a system administrator, and support remote users, you’ll want to check it out.

Windows remote management — a new way. For the help desk, and for system admins.

PerfectAdmin — coming in February.
PerfectAdmin Remote SupportPerfectAdmin Remote Control


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