How to recover unsaved file

Accidentally Deleted? How to Recover an Unsaved Document

How to recover unsaved filesIf you have accidentally deleted or closed without saving a newly created Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or other file there is a possibility – albeit small – that you can recover your unsaved data.

Because your file was never saved, it is not like a file with a name that can be found in your Recycle Bin. If there is data that can be recovered from your accidentally deleted file it would be found in the form of temp files.

The only way you can recover a document that has not been saved is if there was a temporary file created when you were working on the file and if that temp file is still available.

Whatever you do, do not reboot your computer. An unsaved document may still have temporary files associated with it if you have not written over the data in that temp file. You may lose those temp files forever if you reboot your computer.

Recovering an unsaved document is not guaranteed but your best bet is to avoid any file recovery program that must be installed in order to work. If you must install a program before it allows you to search for your lost files, the act of installing the program may actually write over the data you are trying to recover. This can happen whether you are trying to recover saved files or unsaved files.

4 Steps to Recovering an Unsaved Document

  1. Do not reboot your computer. If you have rebooted, your temp files may disappear and if this is the case, there will be zero chance of restoring your unsaved document.
  2. Do not write additional data to your disk. If you do any editing in the program you are looking to restore data to or in any other program on your computer, this will significantly reduce your chances of recovering the unsaved document.
  3. Do not install any file recovery program onto your computer. In fact, don’t install any program at all – an installation may write over the data contained in your unsaved document’s temp files and in that case, the data is gone for good.
  4. Download PerfectFileRecovery (no-install) and search for your missing files ASAP. The sooner you scan your disk for the missing unsaved file, the more likely you will find it.

PerfectFileRecovery cannot be installed on your computer – it is simply a file that can access, preview and recover missing files. The no-install feature increases your likelihood of recovering any missing file, whether the file was saved or unsaved at the time of data loss.

Using PerfectFileRecovery to Recover Your Unsaved Document

We recommend saving the PerfectFileRecovery.exe file to your Desktop or a folder in My Documents where it will not be moved. Then move the PerfectFileRecovery shortcut to the top of your Start menu for easy permanent access in case you accidentally delete another file.

You can choose to scan a specific folder and/or specific file types and sort by file type and date to narrow down your search results. Because there is no file name associated with your unsaved document, your temp file will be listed in the “Discovered” folder under the Folder column in PerfectFileRecovery, listed by a name starting with “Discovered_” followed by a number.

Click on the Discovered files listed and PerfectFileRecovery will allow you to preview your files before recovering data to ensure that what you are recovering is the correct unsaved document and that it has all the right data you’re searching for.

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