Something New — Remote Administration Tool for System Admins….AND Help Desk

New Windows remote administration for system admins and help desk

I’ve been alluding to something new coming soon from Raxco, and I’ve been writing about some of the pains and aggravations faced by system administrators that our new offering will address.

Well, something else new is also coming to address some of the pains and aggravations faced by help desk personnel. Depending on your organization, the help desk and system administrator roles might be separated or they might be rolled into one. However, if the roles are separated, so are the tasks and responsibilities. For the person working the help desk in an organization that has a separate system administrator (or system administrators), the  help desk’s responsibility regarding remote support is typically different, with the various jobs split.

The “help” in help desk is generally aimed at the end user. Whether in the same location or across many miles, the help desk staff is focused on a particular help desk problem. Generally, but not always, the help desk is dealing with desktops and laptops, and not as much so with servers, databases and systems.

Two new remote administration tools for system administrators and help desk

Which is why our “something new” that is coming, is really two something news:

  • One tool is for the help desk in its simplest definition — helping users. A tool that will provide easy access to remote users’ PCs and laptops.
  • The other tool is more robust, with a deeper set of tools for system administrators.

Since they are based on the same platform, you can easily migrate from the help desk component to the system admin component.

Windows remote management — a new way. For the help desk, and for system admins.

Coming soon.

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