SDelete alternative for P2V (Physical-to-Virtual)

Physical-to-Virtual — or P2V for short — is the process of moving a physical server to a virtual server. That entails moving whatever is on the server — operating system, all applications,  drivers, settings and all data — everything. But if the physical server is highly fragmented, reads and writes are taking longer than necessary, and you’ll run into a problem with the virtual environment being much slower than necessary. Virtualizing a fragmented and inefficient physical server gives you a fragmented and inefficient virtual server.

A better option is to free up and clear out space on the physical driver first. A typical way to do this is with the manual SDelete command-line utility. But it’s cumbersome, time-and resource-intensive, manual, and prone to human error. An alternative to SDelete for performing P2V is PerfectDisk’s Zero Fill. The steps involved in the 2 scenarios for Physical-to-Virtual are outlined here.

With SDelete

  1. Defrag with Windows Built-in Defrag.
  2. Shut down applications and services that may require disk space.
  3. Run SDelete command line manually to zero out all free space on drive.
  4. Restart applications and services.
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 for all drives.

With PerfectDisk Zero Fill

  1. With a single click, consolidate free space and move all files to beginning of the drive.

PerfectDisk Zero Fill — the simple, powerful and automated alternative to SDelete. Smarter.

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