PerfectGuard antilogger — first 10 days

We’re 10 days into the release of our new PerfectGuard antilogger, and we’re very pleased with the feedback and results we’ve seen. Thousands of evaluation downloads and thousands of new customers. The world may not be a safer place, but PerfectGuard has brought comfort to many PC users. Like Jason Gleason on Natick, Massachusetts, who tells us:

“I’ve always worried that even with my well-known antivirus program, I still wasn’t completely protected. I do a ton of financial transactions online, and I now feel much more comfortable that I’m fully protected from the bad guys.”

To all our long-time customers who have added PerfectGuard to their list of Raxco products, thank you. And to our thousands of new customers — thanks…welcome to the Raxco family.

Best antilogger -- PerfectGuard protects against identity theft

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